How No Brace Works.

No Brace is effectively an early orthodontic and oral orthopaedic treatment programme. We seek to straighten a child's teeth without the use of traditional braces when appropriate.

no brace treatment

No Traditional Braces

Braces straighten teeth very effectively in the full permanent dentition stage, however some bite problems, including teeth crowding and bad habits can develop very early. In some cases, these issues can be corrected when patients still have some baby teeth and allow the jaws to develop more naturally.

Habits such as mouth breathing, incorrect swallowing and tongue thrusting can contribute to poor facial appearance and crooked teeth. Early treatment to correct these habits and develop the jaw can result in a better looking appearance and simplify treatment at a later stage.

The Process

Phase I

  • The No Brace team assess your child's current orthodontic status by discussing your child's behavioural patterns as well as their physical attributes.
  • We then take impressions of their mouth, 3D x-rays, photos, and send this information to a specialist radiologist for further investigation.
  • It is a this point we discuss the treatment options available.

Treatment Options

Our team uses a combination of removable appliances and myofunctional appliances, which incorporates design characteristics which assist teeth and jaws, bite correction whilst correcting the underlying habits which may have caused poor appearance and teeth. See the results from our video of former No Brace patient, Stef.

Growth appliances are typically worn for 8-12 months, waiting for adult teeth to erupt.

Our focus is to give a child a beautiful dental arch, which can help long-term stability of orthodontic treatment.

The older the child the more likely traditional braces will be required.


With the adult teeth now erupted, clear aligners are used to slowly guide the teeth into their correct position. Whilst we advocate 'no braces', 3 in 10 patients are encouraged to finish off treatment with aesthetic braces and these are only applied for 4-8 months due to the foundations created in PHASE I.


Compliance and Motivation
Due to the nature of removable appliances, patient compliance is essential. Therefore it is important for the patient and parent to be motivated as the system does require consistent daily use by the well-organised child. If motivation is a problem, it may be better to consider conventional fixed brackets instead of removable orthodontic appliances.

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